At First Wealth Management we provide comprehensive portfolio management. You are able to choose the level of involvement in your specific plan according to your comfort level. Our client relationships vary in manageable assets from several thousand to millions of dollars. We also offer transaction-based services through a full service brokerage.  Find out more >

Protecting your family’s future begins with protecting your assets. At First Wealth Management we offer a variety of Personal Trust Services. Instead of waiting until retirement, we invite you to think holistically about your portfolio and learn what type of trust is right for you.  Find out more >

We pride ourselves on providing your employees with unmatched quality and opportunity through our comprehensive Retirement Plan Services. Ask us about Health Savings Accounts, 401(k) Plans, and all types of IRAs to protect income long into retirement.  Find out more >

At The First we are the largest Farm Management group in Kansas and the sixth largest in the country. We manage over 230,000 acres in 73 of 105 Kansas counties and in Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas, with a total of 1,030 farm operators. When you are looking for a team to manage your land, you want the experience only our team can offer.  Find out more >