We Want to Be Your Investment Partner, for Your Family, for Your Business

Free of Influence

When we talk about objectivity in our investment strategies, what we really mean is that we are free from the pressures of pushing certain investment options. We have no direct connection to any one particular investment group and we have no incentive to suggest any one investment option over another. We continually screen all investment options, doing the work for you to find the types of investments that we see as most valuable. We sincerely believe our process provides you with the best investment alternatives available anywhere.

Our one focus is always your individual investment goals. As an investor, you can come to us expecting to receive the kind of advice that is based solely on what is right for your goals. This is what you pay us for – an honest opinion.

Discipline Matters

Simply put, trends do not matter much. Disciplined investing is vital in bull and bear markets. By the time the general public is talking about a particular investment trend, the market is moving on. Decisions based on trends are risky. Making investment choices on instincts can be fatal. Our customers trust our disciplined, long-term approach because that’s what works.

Adjustments in strategy are, of course, necessary. A customer with too much exposure in the equity markets may need to move further into bonds. Tolerance for a certain amount of volatility differs with each individual, and so each individual portfolio plan must reflect these realities.

Ahead with Allocation

Asset allocation is always key. Much of our financial expertise is in the area of balancing a portfolio according to our client’s personal risk tolerance and individual investment goals. We utilize a variety of vehicles to achieve the right mix for you, including the use of exchange traded funds, mutual funds and individual securities in building stock and bond portfolios.

We also accept and understand that new investment models and options will evolve and become available over time. At The First. our investment managers are experienced in adapting to changing environments. As new models and options appear, your portfolio will benefit from our knowledge.

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