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Can you benefit from tax-free income during retirement? A Roth IRA, unlike other investments, offers tax-free distribution in retirement. You may want to include a Roth IRA in your overall retirement planning as a way to diversify your portfolio to include non-taxable income. Qualified distributions from a Roth IRA can begin at age 59 ½ and are not subject to annual minimum requirements.

Are you interested in providing tax-free income to your heirs? A Roth IRA can be an effective estate-planning tool. Open a Roth IRA and provide income tax-free distributions to your heirs.

Do you need ways to lower your overall tax burden? Roth contributions are taxed at the regular tax rate at the time of contribution. The IRA owner does not realize any tax benefits until the distribution phase.

Your career and retirement plans are unique. Your retirement plans need to be uniquely tailored to your situation. As with every personal investment decision, at The First we encourage you to talk to both your tax advisor and your financial advisor about the best options for you.

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