Welcome to First Wealth Management.

First Wealth Management is the umbrella name for a family of financial services, including Investment Management Services, Retirement Plan Services, Personal Trust Services, and Farm Management Services. We also offer transaction-based services through a full service brokerage.

As a financial institution, we have been helping families and individuals shape their futures since 1876. Today, First Wealth Management manages more than $796 million in assets and 230,000 acres. While we provide services to some of the most affluent families in the state, our client relationships are broad based, with accounts varying in size from several thousand to millions of dollars.

Allow our experience to be your guide. We offer a world of expertise, right here close to home, close to you, close to your family. We understand your view of the world, and we share your commitment to making solid choices for your family and your business.

What’s on your horizon? Whether you need to pull together a collection of investment efforts already at work, or if you are ready to begin plotting long-term success, we can help.

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First National Bank of Hutchinson

PO Box 913

Hutchinson, KS 67501